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Please feel free to peruse some of the dolls that we have on display at the Museum. We have over 1200 dolls in our galleries in addition to our Changing Gallery Exhibit. Check our Newsletter or Events Calendar for the Changing Gallery's schedule and other events.

The flowering of French doll making gave us many masterpieces such as this bisque doll by Bru, c. 1885.

The first Barbie created by Mattel in 1959, wears her "Commuter Set" as she dashes off to change doll history forever.

Delightful Japanese depiction of a boy, c. 1920s, made out of ground oyster shell, called "gofun".

Charles "Lindy" Lindbergh, one of the first trans-Atlantic pilots, a composition doll by the Regal Company of New York, 1928-1929.

A woman from Africa depicted with great detail in bisque by the Bru firm in Paris in the mid 1870s.