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Tyler Wentworth


SYDNEY "DecoDance"

Sydney joins the House of Wentworth in this Museum Exclusive! Right out of our favorite time period, art deco, and flirting with Erte. Black and white with just a touch of red and gold shows the simple elegance of "DecoDance". A beaded bodice over white satin, embroidered wrap, and fabulous cloche show the opulence of the 1930s. Once again Robert has created a look inspired by vintage fashions with a touch of modernism.

Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art Exclusive
Limited to 350 Pieces

A special part of Sydney DecoDance, she comes with her own doll - a half doll purse. A perfect accessory to complete this sophisticated, art deco lady and truly represents the Museum. We just had to fit a doll in there somewhere, proving one is never too old (or chic) to play with dolls! (Purse does not open.)





Tyler Wentworth is graced with a fabulous outfit stylized after the beautiful Edwardian period of the 19teens.  Her wonderful dress of pink satin is patterned in beads, sheer, and even feathers!  

Limited Edition of 500
First Available to Attendees of the Fashion Galas

(Please call the Museum 425-455-1116 for availability after these events)

All proceeds of "Hope" go directly to benefit TeenHope.


It is with great excitement and gratitude that we announce that world famous Robert Tonner one of our favorite doll artists, has created a limited edition doll for the benefit of TeenHope through the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art. Robert is well known for his charitable works and did not hesitate when we called on him to create a Tyler Wentworth in special dress, to be named "Hope" for our event. We are proud to be able to offer this beautiful doll to the participants of our fashion gala events "At Madeleine’s Request" and others!


                  We are happy to carry the 2004 full line of Tyler Wentworth!                    

Call the Museum Store to order your Tyler
TEL: (425) 455-1116

**With a 25% nonrefundable deposit of the purchase price, the museum will gladly reserve any item prior to its release to insure that collectors receive their desired collectible before it is sold out.