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Vol. XIV , No 1 Winter 2005

Inside this edition of Small Wonders...

Miniatures: Women Thinking Big In Small Scale

March 5th through May 15th 2005

Although we are sorry to see our fashion doll exhibit coming to a close on February 27th, we look forward with pleasure to bringing you the delicately and artfully wrought room boxes and dollhouses of seven very talented miniaturists, all sharing the spotlight in our next changing gallery exhibit. The artistry and adroit technical proficiency of Galia Bazylko, Marion Gullikson, Dorothy Hoskins, Kathy Ross, Betty Martin, Jean Sprague and Rosemary Zilmer will create for us a magical miniature retreat. Most of these pieces have never before been publicly displayed, and this exhibit will regrettably run for a too-brief ten weeks, so don’t miss your opportunity to see these extraordinary diminutive dwellings before they must return to storage.
One of my very favorite contemporary artists, miniature or otherwise, is Rosemary Zilmer. If you have visited the Museum, you’ve experienced first-hand the enchantment of her masterful creations, as several of her pieces are on permanent exhibit. “Astonbrook,” the twenty-one room Victorian house in the Atrium, which took the artist over four years to complete, draws you in, and back in time, to the romantic era so perfectly represented within each room. The more recently acquired “Doll Hospital Circa 1955,” now on permanent exhibit in our Modern Gallery, overflows with the tiniest of dolls in various states of repair and disrepair. And Zilmer’s “Ye Olde Curiosity Shop,” evokes the sense of humor and pathos of the Charles Dickens classic it was inspired by. Our changing exhibit will allow us an opportunity to show several more equally enchanting Zilmer works of art, including “Grandma’s Attic,” “Bird House,” “Bunny House,” and “Heart of the Home.”

The centerpiece of the exhibit will feature 16 room boxes created by the prolific miniaturist Jean Sprague, (for whom our Modern Miniatures Gallery was recently named). You may read more about Mrs. Sprague, who sadly passed away this past spring, and her enormous contribution to the world of miniatures, in our spring 2004 newsletter (available on our website).
Kathy Ross, a Seattle artist working in a variety of scales and media, including bronze and soft sculpture, created “Chez Moi” a bead and rhinestone-encrusted house that has to be seen to be believed.
I don’t want to give too much more away, but joining Rosemary, Jean and Kathy in “Women Thinking Big in Small Scale” will be some very special pieces by miniaturists Galia Bazylko and Dorothy Hoskins, (read more about these gifted artists in Rosalie’s column), Marion Gullikson, represented by her charming and eclectic dollhouse, and Betty Martin with her crowd favorites “Sweets Galore”, “Marghab Linens”, “Mode de Paris Hat Shop” and much more. We hope you will join us for this, the Museum’s third-ever changing gallery exhibit devoted to the wonderful world of miniatures.

-Jill Gorman

from the director...

“Fashions, Fashions, Glorious Fashions” turned out to be, though one of our shortest exhibits, one of the longest installations on record! And those visitors who just couldn’t get enough of these scrumptious clothes and accessories returned many times and were rewarded with something new to see each time. That’s right – we just couldn’t stop adding things that had been tucked away for years awaiting this exhibit, but, due to their size, many were overlooked or we just plain ran out of time during installation week. I must admit, however, it was fun to sneak a few things in here and there in the dead of night from time to time nearly till the exhibit ended. There always seemed to be room for “just one more little fabulous item” just like in the collection.
When you see what we have in store next, I’m sure you will agree the amazingly talented women who created the miniatures in our upcoming exhibit could always find room for “just one more little fabulous item” also. Dare we count the items in THIS exhibit? Or the hours spent toiling over the tiny pieces, fitting them in here, tucking them in there? Finding that perfect little scaled chair or flower pot, that doll or cat, the little coiled rug, or Japanese lantern and if not succeeding, then some of these creative women would have made the items themselves from found objects we wouldn’t even recognize as themselves today. Others would have commissioned an item from the best of miniaturists from around the world to grace their particular room box or doll house. But the final decorating was her own. Each has a style we’ve grown to admire and love and as we celebrate the life of Jean Sprague, upon whose urging it was that we include miniatures in the original plan of the museum, we hope you’ll come enjoy this great legacy of hers, as she was always a great woman thinking big in a small way. Thus, we will be presenting “Miniatures: Women Thinking Big In Small Scale” on March 5th.

Two of our most popular miniaturists create the dolls that populate the 1 inch scale abodes we covet so. Each has gone beyond what has been historically thought of as “doll house dolls” to an art form we stand in awe of. The portraiture of Dorothy Hoskins and Galia Bazylko stands on a parallel to any doll artistry done in any era. The likenesses are uncanny, the scale and costuming perfection. Their works are the worst of temptations for me, I must admit. I have watched them grow and wondered when will they reach the Phoenix of their careers? Come and see if you believe these may be their finest works.
We’re getting so excited for our European Doll Tour and we wish you all could be coming along. But I promise to keep a diary and critique the museums, shops, restaurants, etc. as we go and report back in a future newsletter.
Have a beautiful Spring wherever the dolls may take you. We hope it’s here in the amazing Pacific Northwest and to the Museum of Doll Art.

-Rosalie A Whyel

Welcome To Our New & Returning Members:

Yvonne Baird
Joan Bergstrom
Diane Berge
Glenda Bloomer
Diana Boettger
Mary Kay Brancheau
Sandy Brehan
Gayle Christie
Loretta Creasey
Mary Crittenden
Kimberly-Sue Cronogue
Gloria Cyrus
Dayle Davis
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Rhee Eliker
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Linda Finegan
Linda Gallegos
Carol Graham
Janet Heflin
Sue Herber
Wendy K. Huber
Lori Hutchings
Margaret Hunt
Julie Hutson
Darlene Hoggson
Jean Ann Ovel

Janis Joslin
Paula Kagan
Rhonda Kenyon
Hee-jung Kim
Carole D. Kipp
Barbara D. Leap
Sharon A. Lee
Cynthia M. Lorimer
Deborah Luther
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Agnes Royer
Donna L. Smith
Patricia S. Thomas Linda Tosti-Lane Sharon Tucker
Mary Lu Trowbridge Karen Wallace
Jackie Whartt
Gorden Yeh

We would like to thank the following people for their generous
donations during the last quarter:

Ann Anthony
Topsy turvy doll, stuffed bears, Bye-Lo doll parts, Yolando Bello doll, vintage thread

Ray Hoban
Jumeau shoulder plate

Amanda Devine
Collection of dolls, doll parts, and doll furniture, c. early 1950s

Kathy Krater
Simon & Halbig doll, with provenance

Lisa Dufour
Raggedy Ann dolls, life-size cloth doll c. 1940s-50s

Norma Peterson Kosche
1931 photograph of little girl, with provenance

Bonita Hadley
Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls

Deborah Long
Ethnic doll “Guapo”, c. early 1950s

From the Museum Store...

“Not only does Madame Alexander put soles on her dolls, but also puts souls into them.” -Mary Margret McBride, Syndicated Columnist (1925)
Going back to Madame Alexander’s roots is one of the Museum Store’s newest editions: “Wendy Ann Felt”. The Wendy Ann face mold was first introduced in 1936 and is among the favorites with collectors. Madame Alexander named the new doll after her young grandchild, Wendy Ann Birnbaum.
Peering out from under her picture hat, “Wendy Ann Felt” has a pressed felt face with raised and painted features. She wears a light blue cotton dress with white ribbon sash at the waist. The style of her dress is reminiscent of the original cloth dolls Madame Alexander produced.

We greatly appreciate all of the wonderful comments on the beautiful Sydney DecoDance, shown here with her half-doll purse. Even more thanks to those of you who loved her so much, you found a place in your collection for her. There are just a few left, awaiting a new home to make a grand entrance to. Museum Exclusive $225



Call or stop by for more details or call the Museum Store:
(425) 455-1116 or toll free at 1-800-440-DOLL.

Show Dates

Bellevue Inn Red Lion
Bellevue WA
Sunday January 30, 2005
11am - 4pm
Seattle Center - NW Rooms
Seattle WA
Saturday March 5, 2005
10am - 5pm
Sunday March 6, 2005
11am - 4pm
(Natl Antique Doll Dealers Assoc)
Sheraton Gateway Suites
Chicago IL
Saturday April 9, 2005
1pm - 7pm
Sunday April 10, 2005
10am - 3pm
Washington County Fairgrounds
Hillsboro OR
Saturday February 19, 2005
10am - 4:30pm
Sunday February 20, 2005
10am - 4pm
Puyallup Fairgrounds
Puyallup WA
Saturday March 19, 2005
10am - 4:30pm
Sunday March 20, 2005
10am - 4pm
Lake City Community Center
Seattle WA
Saturday May 21, 2005
10am - 3pm

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Museum Events

NOVEMBER 6 2004 - FEBRUARY 27 2005
“Fashions, Fashions, Glorious Fashions”
Changing Gallery Exhibit

MARCH 12 2005
“Wigs, Pates, & Eyes” sale
Member Event
Museum Rose Room
(see tidbits below)
MARCH 5 2005
Doll Appraisal Clinic
at Rosie’s Too
During Regular Hours

MARCH 20 2005
Antique Doll Restoration Clinic
Rosalie Whyel featured speaker
Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show in Puyallup
(see tidbits below)

MARCH 5 - MAY 15 2005
“Miniatures: Women Thinking Big In Small Scale”
Changing Gallery Exhibit

MAY 7 & 8 2005
Mother’s Day Tea
Museum Rose Room
(see tidbits below)

Our Newsletter Via Email!

Thank you to everyone who has so enthusiastically responded to our emailed Newsletter! What a computer savvy bunch doll collectors are! Due to such a positive response and to help support the Museum, we will be offering our quarterly Newsletter solely via email. Adobe Acrobat, which is available free online, is all that is needed though most computers come with it already installed. A printable version, exactly like the published one, can come right to you on a more timely basis to read at your leisure and throw away or store with a click of a button. Help us keep costs down and receive notice of events and exhibits faster by signing up today! Just email us at to sign up or find out more about it, we welcome questions. Remember we keep all of our past newsletter on the website for viewing any time! OUR LAST PAPER VERSION WILL BE THE NEXT ISSUE (Spring 2005). Thank you for your support which will allow us to provide better exhibits, events, and programs for you.

Other Museum Tidbits!

Group Visits to the Museum

We are always so pleased with all of the wonderful groups that visit the Museum for a day of fun and education! And there is never a short supply of Girl Scouts and Red Hat Ladies! Thank you for your support and all of your nice comments.

Left: W. Bellevue Girl Scouts Annual Leader/Daughter event. Below: Ruth Scott’s Red Hat Party.

Museum Out & About

Be sure to catch Rosalie at the next Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show in Puyallup. She will be the featured speaker at the Antique Doll Restoration Clinic on March 20th from 12:30 to 3pm. The Seminar will explore repairing antique dolls. The public is invited to bring a doll for evaluation, limit one per person. The program and evaluation clinic is free with the cost of admission to the show. For further details see “Area Doll Show Dates” page four.


Mother’s Day Tea

Come celebrate this special day here at the Museum! Honor the women in your life, and yourself, with a proper English tea in our Rose Room and a tour through our serene galleries.
Join us May 7th or 8th, space will be limited. Please call the Museum at 425.455.1116 to receive information on this event.

The Museum is proud to be sponsoring a dinner at this year’s UFDC National Convention in Philadelphia. Please join us for a wonderful program focusing on the beautiful layering of clothes for a fashion doll and lady of the 1860 to 1880 time period. And a souvenir you will just love!

Member Events

Thank you to all of our Members for the very successful “Dressing Dolly” clothing sale on January 20th. Due to the enthusiasm this first event met, we’ve decided to continue with “Wigs, Pates, & Eyes” sale for dolly, our 2nd Member Event, on March 12th. You will find antique to modern supplies available at this private event & your membership discount always applies. Additionally, we are pleased to have Diana Boettger joining us to demonstrate wefting, help choose appropriate wig styles, measure for wigs, & advise on repairing existing wigs. Don’t forget your dollies when you come! For more information on becoming a member & attending these special events, please call the Museum at 425-455-1116.

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