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Vol. XI, No 3 Summer 2002

Inside this edition of Small Wonders...

Our Own Kewpieville

Exhibit Addition

     You may or may not recall an announcement in the summer 1999 newsletter of a new permanent exhibit of Kewpie figures slated to open later that summer. Well, after a few false starts, at long last, the Kewpies are here! We especially have Crayne Hennessey, of Hennessey Horses, to thank for taking on the task of creating an enchanting home fit for these little cuties. (Crayne was formerly employed with Rauda Scale Models, the firm that created many of the set fabrications for the permanent exhibits.)
Crayne began by constructing the display case, then carving little Kewpie scenes, using an archival-quality high-density urethane foam. Rosalie and Shelley (our resident Kewpie expert) designed the scenes based on Kewpie tales written by the artist that created them, Rose O’Neill. Rosalie and her daughters Shelley and Roslyn also painted the settings. More than 65 Kewpie figures, vases, jewelry, ornaments, candy molds and other knick-knacks now "frolic" in this fantasyland.
Kewpie designer Rose Cecil O’Neill, born in Pennsylvania in 1874, was a gifted artist, poet, novelist and sculptress. She once described the creation of her Kewpies, which were "born" at Bonniebrook her own fantasyland home in the Ozarks, by saying:
"I dreamed them. They were bouncing about all over the coverlet…One perched in my hand like a bird…I had a strange impression that their intentions were of the best. In fact, I knew at once they were bursting with kindness, that their hearts were as well-rounded as their tummies."
The Kewpies made their first appearance in illustrations in the Women’s Home Companion
in December 1909. For many years after that, O’Neill was commissioned to create Kewpie illustrations for Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, and various other publications and for advertisements.
In 1912, Kewpie emerged in three-dimensional form, when Geo. Borgfeldt & Co. obtained the manufacturing rights. A 17 year-old art student named Joseph L. Kallus was hired to sculpt the Kewpie dolls and figurines based on O’Neill’s original drawings. Other characters designed by O’Neill, most notably Scootles and Ho-Ho, were also rendered in doll and figurine form. Kallus, who established Cameo Doll Co. in 1922, later received manufacturing rights.
Over the years, millions of Kewpie-inspired products, including comic strips, postcards, dishes and, of course, dolls, have been produced by many companies under contracts or special licenses. With their ageless, cheerful charm, Kewpies are today a highly sought-after collectible.
Well worth the wait, our Kewpie characters are now waiting to greet you, at the entrance of the Museum’s main gallery.

-Jill Gorman

from the director...

    Wherever you are reading this, we hope your summer has been as exciting as ours. Doll news aside, we’re delighted to announce the birth of Shelley’s (our co-director) and Eric’s new little boy, Alec John, born on June 2nd, making me a four time Grandma. And just three weeks later, daughter Roslyn wed Jared Owens in a beautiful ceremony at the Stimson-Green Mansion in Seattle. We welcome these two new members to our family with lots of love and rich blessings for happy lives.
    But life at the Museum goes on concurrently, and I want to thank my wonderful staff for carrying on with little or no guidance from me, just as they always have in their very professional way. Our Woodens exhibit has been very successful with many claiming it to be the best display of early wooden dolls to have been  seen in one place ever, and we were so excited to welcome a new "little one" to the exhibit when the National Antique Doll Dealers of America came to Seattle in May.
This tiny 7" darling wooden came to join her mother and sisters from the late 1600s. She is charming in her size, condition, and beautiful original costume. One never knows what gems will surface from this group of dealers. We hope you were able to attend and found a gem or two of your own. We would like to take this opportunity to thank NADDA for their generous donation to TEENHOPE to help aid their work for homeless teens in the Seattle area.
Audiences were spellbound by the sweet and knowledgeable Christiane Grafnitz who traveled from Germany to speak to us about her research on early German woodens. She is also delving deeper into papier mache dolls, waxes, and chinas as she strives to unravel the mysteries of the origins of these early and precious dolls. We will be taking advantage of her research when we exhibit dolls of all these mediums in the next few years. Please note the upcoming exhibits schedule on page six. And a huge "Thank You" to Christiane for sharing with us all. Be sure to see Christiane¹s program at UFDC in Denver in July on papier mache dolls.
You can also see a new type of exhibit that Shelley and I will be installing for UFDC called the Cabinets of Curiosities. It will be examples from each of the themed luncheons to take place at the convention. Many people will be sharing their treasures from a variety of interests. Come see. And come see us in the Sales Room, too. Eleonora will be joining us this year for those of you who know her and love to shop with her. For those who haven’t met her please introduce yourself. If you are going to be in Salem for the Region 1 Conference, we’ll see you there, too. Stop by our sales tables, shop with Jill and Shelley, and see what we’ve been storing for both of these wonderful conventions.
OUR 10th ANNIVERSARY  That’s right, though I find it hard to believe myself, it will be ten years since the Museum opened on September 16. Because of everything else going on in September this year, we will be celebrating early ­ beginning Saturday September 7 and continuing ‘til Sunday September 15. Another thing you won’t believe is the birthday cake from Amazing Cakes, you HAVE to see this! Also in honor of this special anniversary the WHOLE STORE, both at the Museum and Rosie’s Too, will be on sale!! This has always been our way of thanking you, our special customers, for the support you give us all year long. Don’t miss this week long celebration. Of course, there will be door prizes on Saturday September 7, too!
If you’re looking for more fun, don’t forget to make reservations for one or both of our special TeenHope events on Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22.The TeenHope volunteers and staff and our staff and volunteers are preparing for the most amazing  VINTAGE FASHION SHOWS ­ paired with great food, a FABULOUS DOLL by ROBERT TONNER created especially for these events (Yes,
ROBERT and TOM COURTNEY will be there!), and special photo and purchase opportunities.  All this will be "At Madelaine’s Request" ­ the famous French Fashion doll whose history has been that of charitable deeds, and we are continuing her legacy as we support TeenHope and their service to area homeless teenagers. Invitations are going out, make your reservations soon by calling the Museum at 425-455-1116 or TeenHope 206-546-1010. We sincerely hope to see you there for the time of your life and a difference in the lives of these young people.
Have a sparkling summer,


-Rosalie A Whyel

Welcome To Our New & Returning Members:


Alberta G Browne         

Betty Christofferson         

Kimberly Cronogue         

Carol Dethman         

Sally M Gregg         

Heather Hansen         

Marilyn Iszler        

Lenore Kobayashi         

Beverly Luce         

Tracy L Mullen        

Rosemary Mutter         

John R Price         

Ann Reynolds         

Tom & Terry Schmeltzer         

Erin Snow         

Colleen J Terbeek         

Patricia C Timothy         

Annie Tyvand         

         Constance Burleigh

         Joyce Coughlin

          Rebecca Daman

       Lynnet Eliseusen

          Janie Guill

        Sandy Haroldson

        Vicki Johnson

         Susan Lawson

       Pearl Miller

         Suellen Musgrove

          Teri Newton

    Margaret Reeder

        Diane Robbeloth

         Barbara Smith

     Valerie St Claire

        Patricia S Thomas

       Roberta Traxinger

      Michelle Uxa


We would like to thank the following people for their generous
donations during the last quarter:

Hannah Kuether
c. 1940s-50s doll clothing

Steve Lingenbrink
Russian cloth doll

Jay Marsh
Singer sewing machine

Laura Reynolds
Braun coffee maker

Kathryn Sauers, in memory of Evelyn Macke
All-bisque ethnic doll


We sincerely hope we have not excluded anyone.

From the Museum Store...



Call or stop by for more details or call the Museum Store:
(425) 455-1116 or toll free at 1-800-440-DOLL.

Adam’s Mark Hotel
Denver CO
July 29 - August 2, 2002
Booth 62

Portland Expo Center
Portland OR
Saturday September 28, 2002
10am - 4pm

Bellevue Inn Best Western
Bellevue WA
Sunday August 25, 2002
11am - 4pm


Seattle Center NW Rooms
Seattle WA
Saturday September 28, 2002
10am - 5pm
Sunday September 29, 2002
11am - 4pm

Red Lion Hotel
Salem OR
September 12 - 14, 2002

Puyallup Fairgrounds
Puyallup WA
October 12 & 13, 2002
10am - 4pm

Oberlin Church
Steilacoom WA
Saturday October 19, 2002
10am - 4pm

*Look for the Museum sales table

SEPTEMBER 5, 6, & 7 2002
Appraisal Clinic at Rosie’s Too
Free appraisal, limit of 3 dolls
During open hours
SEPTEMBER 7-15, 2002
Museum’s 10th Anniversary
Store Sale & other Fun Activities
SEPTEMBER 21, 2002
"At Madeleine’s Request-
A Fashion Gala Through Time"
TeenHope Benefit
SEPTEMBER 22, 2002
"High Tea with Madeleine-
A Very Grown Up Affair for Big & Little People"
TeenHope Benefit



Other Museum Tidbits!

N.A.M.E. Visits the Museum

   The Museum was happy to welcome attendees of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (N.A.M.E.) in July as they toured the Museum and the special exhibit in honor of their national convention held locally. Roomboxes and special miniature pieces were on display by artists Rosemary Zilmer of Kennydale, Washington, Peter Tucker of Vancouver, B.C and select pieces from the Museum Collection. 
   Rosemary has created a miniature Doll Hospital inspired by the popular one in Seattle that was open in the mid 20th century. Rosemary and many other doll enthusiasts remember going there as children to have their dollies repaired. She also showed several old favorites previously shown at the Museum.
   Peter showed two pieces, one after Frank Lloyd Wright¹s famous architectural style. Peter specializes in more obscure architectural styles he has studied that are not as familiar to most of us but that are beautifully captured in miniature scale.  Thank you to both of these talented artists for lending these great and delightful works.

Fabulous Woodens!

Have you seen our beautiful poster of the Heart of the Tree exhibit? Eric Shalit created it with some of our most fetching wooden dolls portrayed. It is available for purchase in the Museum Store and Rosie’s Too or it can be mailed to you in a sturdy tube for just $9.99 plus $6.95 (tube and shipping). Also, be sure to watch for our upcoming book on the wooden dolls as excerpted in the DOLL NEWS articles. We promise it to be a beautiful and informative edition of these wonderful wooden dolls.

"Seattle’s Shinig Stars"

Did you catch the "King County Life 2002" insert in the area papers in June? Rosalie Whyel was featured in an article with four other famous personalities from the Northwest who have "Put Seattle on the Map". Thank you to writer Lisa Weatherwax for the fine article on Rosalie and to the King County newspapers for the selection. Others listed were the late stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, musician Jimi Hendrix, artist Dale Chihuliy, and author Ann Rule. Pretty prestigious company. Rosalie felt very honored.

Watch for articles on the woodens exhibit in DOLL NEWS -  Part I by Rosalie on Early English Woodens and Religious Figures in their summer issue and Part II on Early German Woodens by Curator Jill Gorman in a later issue. ANTIQUE DOLL COLLECTOR will feature the woodens exhibit in a fall issue. Thank yous to Michael Canadas for photographing the gallery and to Donna Kaonis for writing the article.

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