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Vol. XI, No 4 Fall 2002

Inside this edition of Small Wonders...

Holiday Finery:
Families and Dolls Dressed to Party

November 16th, 2002 -January 26th, 2003

    Doll collectors know that the love of dolls often goes hand-in-hand with a fascination for historical fashion. Even so, many were surprised to learn recently (when the Museum hosted a pair of benefit fashion shows in September) that Rosalie has been very avidly collecting vintage clothing for many years. Her collection includes thousands of costumes, and all manner of accessories, spanning more than three centuries.
  Those of you who missed the shows will have one more opportunity to take a peek at some of the haute couture highlights from the September events. Our next changing gallery exhibit will feature mannequins festooned with vintage holiday fashions from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s. The costumes will be "accessorized" with gloves, shoes, purses, parasols and, of course, hats, hats and more hats.
In 1999 the Museum acquired a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind vintage ladies’ hats designed by the famous milliner Walter King, (known by the trade name "Lyzon"), many of which will be shown in the exhibit. From his studio in Hampton Bays, N.Y., King designed and made hats for some of the world’s most fashionable ladies, from the 1910s to the 1950s. One of them, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, began acquiring Lyzon hats as a young girl. (Her own famous sense of style was clearly still evolving as she once visited the shop and had holes cut in her hat for her pigtails.)
Not to be overlooked, the dolls will also be donning their holiday attire for the exhibit. A Rohmer fashion doll dressed in lavender and cream silk and a Kestner #196 wearing her red velvet winter coat, hat and muff will join in the festivities, along with a recently acquired, rare open-mouthed Simon & Halbig #1388 lady doll dressed to party. Other dolls will be wearing doll-size versions of the child and adult fashions in the exhibit.  The Museum is always a magical place to visit during the holidays, so put on your "party duds" and join us for a high fashion holiday.

-Jill Gorman

from the director...

Since a picture is worth 10,000 words, I will be saying less in my column this Fall so that we may share with you in pictorial form how we have spent our last several months. Our two events, held the third weekend in September, were a benefit for TeenHope - the only licensed shelter for homeless teens in the Seattle area. We presented vintage fashion shows in Seattle at a black tie dinner and in Bellevue, the following day, at High Tea. Madeleine de Baine, our lovely fashion doll from 1868, was the hostess and she was there "in person" to meet and greet the attendees. Also present was the co-founder of TeenHope, Tom Choquette, acting as the Master of Ceremonies.    
Robert Tonner graciously created a very special limited edition doll for the benefit of TeenHope, Tyler Wentworth as "Hope". She is fabulous in her dress of the 1914 era. And Robert and Tonner Marketing Director, Tom Courtney, were also in attendance - Tom doing the commentary for the fashion shows. We wish to thank them and all of the nearly hundred volunteers who made these events possible. The models, only one of which was professional, were amazing, from the tiniest 3 month old Alec to Maree Tarnowska, who traveled from the Bahamas to do the shows, and every man, woman, and child in between - 37 in all.
The fashions from the 1830s through the 1960s were paired with dolls from the time periods, often dressed in nearly identical outfits. Seven charming doll handlers presented the dolls on stage with the models.
Dressers, hair stylists, make-up artists, decorators, sellers, and security personnel - all came together in a total team effort to help others less fortunate than themselves. TeenHope joins me in thanking them and the many who attended our events or donated to keep the doors open and give these kids a warm bed to sleep in and a caring ear to listen.
For those of you who were unable to attend or would like to see these fashions repeated, we will be exhibiting a portion of them (plus many added pieces) and the dolls paired with them in our winter changing gallery. "Holiday Finery: Families and Dolls Dressed to Party" will open on November 16. Please read more about this in Jill’s column.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my staff, especially Curator Jill Gorman and Co-director Shelley Helzer, the rest of my family, and our docents for the many long hours of work over the last two years that made these fund raisers possible. I would also like to thank staff member Lacee Badgley for assisting with the sales of the Tonner doll "Hope".
Enjoy the fashions and the models!

-Rosalie A Whyel

Welcome To Our New & Returning Members:

Glenda Bloomer        

Sandy Brehan         

Betty Christofferson         

Teresa Earley         

Jane Elliott           

Denise Hauck           

Mary Jane Herzog         

Pam Lester           

Marj Medina           

Laura Mitcham         

Chieko Ochia         

Jeanne Roman           

Cheri Ryan           

Mary Lee Swope         

Enio Viedrah         

Elliot Zirlin

Diana Boettger

Jan Broderick

Art DeYoung

Stephen Edwards

Sharon Eyer

Sue Herber

Shirley Husband

Carol McVicar Scott

Gweynyth Mislin

Nan Moorehead 

Erlene Richards 

Sharon Ross

Janice Stefonetti

Jeanne Venner 

Virginia Vinton

We would like to thank the following people for their generous
donations during the last quarter:

Sheril Bechard
Floradora doll
Saucy Walker doll
Vinyl ballerina doll
Vinyl doll (maker unknown)

Kenneth Crandall
The Toy Trader and Doll News publications

Sarah Gregory
Vinyl doll "Joe" and accessories
Unmarked baby doll and accessories
Bonnie Baby doll and accessories

Connie & Jay Lowe
Photographs of dolls
Paper dolls

Evelyn Macke
All-bisque ethnic doll

Shelley Reed
Nancy Ann Storybook Doll

Diana McCurdy Russ
Doll clothing with provenance

Constance Thullen
Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls
Early 1900s handmade wooden cradle
nternational dolls

Louise Walker
Armand Marseille #750 doll
Kestner #154 doll

Mary Withers
Five doll books
Needle holder

We sincerely hope we have not excluded anyone.

From the Museum Store...



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Saturday October 19, 2002
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Chatty Daddy’s First Ever Greater Sylvana Doll & Teddy Bear Extravaganza

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November 9, 2002
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November 10, 2002
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November 16, 2002
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December 24th, 2002
Christmas Eve Day
Museum OPEN
11am -3pm

NOVEMBER 16, 2002 - JANUARY 26, 2003

"Holiday Finery:
 Families and Dolls Dressed To Party"

December 25th, 2002
Christmas Day

FEBRUARY 1, 2003 - MAY 18, 2003

"Our Heart Throb 
Patsy and Family"

December 31st, 2002
New Year's Eve Day
Museum OPEN
11am - 3pm

January1st, 2003
New Year's Day

MAY 24, 2003 - NOVEMBER, 2003

"The Glow of the Gas Lights:
Early Ladies of the Stage"
Traphagan School Dolls Part II


    This would be a good time to invite you to become a member of the Museum. For $50.00 a year you are invited to all our private exhibit openings, have first chance at any workshops or seminars, have free admission to the Museum all year long, AND get 10% off all purchases at the Museum Store, Rosie’s Too, any of the shows we do, or for online purchases. That should pay for itself the first day!
Of course, our members’ support helps us bring you the dolls you love to see, on permanent exhibit or in the changing gallery three times a year. And you will have contributed to the preservation of these dolls and toys for other generations to come. Thank you to all our current members for staying with us in not the best of economic conditions. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and will strive to continue to bring you the best of the doll world.
We have not raised our membership fees since we opened and it would be at this point where I would announce that we will be raising our regular admission fees. However, in light of many who go jobless in our State or who have seen revenues fall in their businesses, we are happy to announce that we will be dropping our admissions fees to their 1998 prices to enable more of you to attend and experience the peace and joy that dolls bring.

Other Museum Tidbits!


So many of you have faithfully waited these many years for the reprinting of our Madeleine de Baine’s story and diary. Well, wait no more. It is finished, it is available in the Museum store, or Rosie’s Too, or by mail and it is wonderful. As always when we want it done right, we call on our designer, Eric Shalit. He produced the most charming little booklet, totally complete and for just $9.95 retail!

For those of you who may have thought we were talking about the Woodens book, I apologize. However, it is closer to completion, and we promise will be well worth the wait. Thank you for your patience; it became clear early on that this needed to be more than an exhibit catalog, so we are creating a work worthy of these truly amazing dolls. Though it will be sad to see them be replaced in the changing gallery, we hope this will provide doll collectors and historians with a tool for research and study as well as an artful pictorial of these early dolls.

A Special Thank You

Tina Potter is a reporter for the Seattle Times and we wish to thank her and the Times for the in-depth article they did on the Museum to acknowledge our 10th anniversary. Tina’s interest and perception showed in her delightful account of the Museum displays, history and the building. However, we were quite surprised and elated when the story went on the AP wire and was picked up in many newspapers throughout the country. The most exciting being Lexington, Kentucky where my son and his family live. Not only was it fun for them and their neighbors to read about the Museum, but it was also the day my son’s name was printed in the paper also - right along side his mom’s!

The Museum Out and About

Watch for us on the TV Washington channel "Faces and Places". Two of our favorite young people will lead you on a tour of the Museum from the viewpoint of 12 year olds. You might remember Jill and Tia from their appearance on our behalf on the kids’ program Nickelodeon. Jill wrote to them 2 years ago and suggested Nickelodeon come to Bellevue to see "what is in my back yard". They came and filmed a segment with Jill and her friend Tia. Michael Bay of TV Washington thought they did such a great job, he wanted them to do a longer segment for his program. These gals are headed for big things I predict.

Nanaimo District Museum is on the north end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia where this fall and winter they are exhibiting playthings. We are pleased to be represented there with several dolls and toys from the Museum’s collection. Rosalie will be traveling there in December to do a program during their "Antique Roadshow" style weekend. Many of the dolls and toys were loaned from local area residents and help tell the story of this Canadian coal mining town - another shared commonality with Rosalie.

Thank You Docents!

This year we honored our hardworking and dedicated Docents at "High Tea with Madeleine", our fund raiser for TeenHope. We would especially like to acknowledge our docents with the highest hours of donated time - Rae Ann Faree and Anita Olson. We also wish to introduce three new docents, Jannie Choquette (one of TeenHope’s founders), Sigmunde Potgieter originally from South Africa, and Sharon Ross, who travels all the way from Port Townsend to sew for us. Thank you to all of you for all that you do for the Museum. We do what we do because of you!

We Welcome Kathryn Davis!

We are delighted to introduce you to the newest addition to our staff, Kathy Davis. Kathy works part time at the Museum as we share her talents with the University of Washington where she has worked for the past 22 years. She has recently discovered the world of dolls and loves sewing for them, which led her to us. Please introduce yourself to Kathy - you’ll love her warmth, serenity and welcoming smile.

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