Vol. VII, No 4 October-December 1999


Inside this edition of Small Wonders...

Curator's Corner


 A Life-long love of dolls.....

My life-long love of dolls appears to be a hereditary circumstance.  My great-grandmother, Ada Anderson, was a doll collector and a founding member of the UFDC -affiliated Seattle Doll & Toy Collector's Club.  Ada's daughter, Alda Grant, became the next caretaker of the collection, and was also active in the doll club.  

It was my grandma who first exposed me to antique dolls.  My childhood bedroom boasted a wonderful, large display case (at least I THINK it was large.  When you're only a few feet tall, most everything around you looms large). My grandma displayed some of her dolls in this case, including a pin cushion doll that had been dressed by my great grandma.  She later gave it to me, and thus began my own growing collection.

My mother, Linda Hamburg, also inherited the love of dolls, and when she was given her mother's dolls, she immediately had wonderful, protective display cases made for them.  My grandma was so pleased to see the dolls in their new home!

My grandma was also thrilled to visit the Museum when it opened, only a few months before she passed away.  I often think of her and wish she could be here to see and enjoy the many changing exhibits, new additions to the permanent exhibits and countless other special events hosted by the Museum over the years.  Thank you, grams, and thank you, mom, for exposing me to the wonderful world of dolls.

It was Susan Hedrick who initially recommended me for a position at the Museum and  Susan whom I worked most closely with during the ensuing four years.  But her dream of writing novels has beckoned for quite some time, and so I wish her all the best as she pursues her dream.  Thank you, Susan, for everything you have done to help me pursue mine.

I especially wish to thank Rosalie for her ongoing "vote of confidence" and support.  It has meant the world to me, and I look forward to continuing our work (and play) with the dolls.  Thank you, Rosie.

-Jill Gorman, Curator

from the Director

Thank you to the over four hundred members, old friends and new friends who came by on Saturday, September 11, to wish us a Happy 7th Birthday and our wonderful Queen Anne Wooden Doll her 314th birthday!  And, thank you once again to Amazing Cakes for their beautiful portrait on our "amazingly" delicious cake.  Our special birthday sales room overflowed with dolls, books, gifts, and toys of which many took advantage.  We hope you found a treasure there (or at Rosie's Too) on that day or throughout the following week.

Our birthday followed a week of mixed emotions as we said a fond farewell to Curator, Susan Hedrick, as she heads off into the literary world.  As many of you already know, Susan is a person of many talents.  The writing muse has been whispering in her ear for several years and a nearly finished novel finally caused her to make that last step into a new career.  However, she assures everyone that dolls will, or course, remain a part of her life.  We assure you, we won't let her go completely out of the Museum's life either, but we wish her huge success and are eager to read this novel we've heard tidbits of over the last year.


- Rosalie A. Whyel, Director

Welcome to Our New Members:

Frances Alcorn                Karen Klamm                           Helen Shannon
           Susan Ardussi                Joanna Koester                           Judy Shedd                   
Constance Burleigh           Tim and Kristin Leslie            Zeila Schmidt
Linda Carstens       Dr. & Mrs. Maurice L. Origenes, Jr.
Rebecca Hahn                      Timothy Owens                           Jeanne Venner
Jeff, Mary, and Annie Heisserman               Ada Lou Ross
Dolores James                           Charlotte Ross            Suzanne Wiggins-Ackerson 

News From Rosie's Too

"Rosie's Too" had a very successful birthday sale and we would like to thank our regular clientele for their continued dedication to and support of our Store. Many new customers are finding us and are thrilled because "Rosie's Too" is the ONLY doll shop in the area that specializes in secondary market dolls, toys, bears, and related items.

After the sale ended, Susan Decker and Mitzi Flick cleaned, organized and spruced up the Store.... It not only looks GREAT but you will also find it easier to peruse and choose items to add to your collections!

We have an excellent array of books at considerable discounts available this fall and winter as well as HUNDREDS of pairs of shoes (mostly modern but unavailable on the current market)...your dollies won't have to go barefoot anymore!

Our preservation oriented, acid-free supplies have become very popular and we have reordered the most requested sizes of boxes for your doll storage needs. Our acid-free tissue is very reasonably priced and we can barely keep up with getting it packaged. The cost is minimal (10 sheets for $1.10 and 25 sheets for $2.20) and the REAL plus is that one can feel so much more comfortable in wrapping and storing (if necessary) their precious collectibles and not worrying about long-term damage!

Do consider "Rosie's Too" for your Christmas shopping needs. We have recently acquired collections of MINT (never removed from box) modern dolls that are perfect for gift giving. All are reasonably priced and all are DISCONTINUED production! Great gifts for all your doll collecting family and friends. We also carry some Star Trek and Star Wars and lots of mint in box miniature cars and other very collectible vehicles (Lledro, Matchbox, Chevron and many more).

We can assure you that by the time you receive this newsletter, we will have acquired many more new, varied and interesting collections and that there will be something new and exciting awaiting you at ROSIE'S TOO!

We would like to thank the following people for their generous donations during the last quarter:

Tricia Green
Dolls, clothes, puzzles, paper dolls, coloring books c. 1950s

Susan Hedrick
Doll auction catalogs

James E. Hollingsworth
Handmade cloth dolls

Karen McMillan & Janet Zytstra
"Princess Peggy" doll with box

Maida Miller & Ruth Swanson
South Dakota Centennial commemorative doll

Kevin & Kimberly O'Donoghue
Korean doll display

Mary Lou Smith
Doll Reader Magazines

Sue Summer
Corn husk dolls

We sincerely hope we have not excluded anyone.

The Museum Store


Call or stop by for more details or call the Museum Store: (425) 455-1116 or toll free at 1-800-440-DOLL.




Instructor: Jacques Dorier

September 9
10:00am to 5:00pm
Location:  Museum multi-purpose room

In this two-day workshop, participants will make "Rachel," an adorable 16" jointed doll. Fun trims and laces will be used for parts of clothing. Techniques taught: Face sculpting and drawing, sculpting hands, "wired" hands, body sculpting. Patti will also demonstrate dyeing of laces/trims.

  • $10.00 kit fee paid directly to instructor on first day of workshop.
  • Intermediate level of sewing proficiency recommended
  • Supplies needed: A detailed supplies list will be mailed to each registrant.
  • Register early: Class size limited to 15.
  • Cancellation deadline (for full refund, minus $5 processing fee): 11/1/99.

To Register, please call the museum at 425-455-1116

Area Doll Show Dates

Youth Soccer Bingo Hall, Kenmore, WA
October 10, 1999 & December 12, 1999

Puyallup Fair Grounds
October 16 & 17, 1999

Oberlin Church, Steilacoom, WA
October 23, 1999

Vallejo Fairgrounds, Vallejo, CA
November 5 and 6, 1999

Lake City Community Center
November 6, 1999

Bellevue Inn Best Western
Bellevue, WA
November 14, 1999

Portland Expo Center
November 20-21, 1999

*Look for the Museum sales table

Coming Events at the Museum

Saturday, July 29, 2000
John Darcy Noble
"Style in its Time, or "Go ahead and redress it, Honey, no one will ever know"
1:00 p.m. at the Museum

Monday, September 4, 2000
Labor Day
Museum is open

Saturday, September 9, 2000-Washi Doll Workshop
"Kiko the Little Girl"
For registration and information contact the Museum!


Saturday, September 16, 2000

8th Annual Birthday Celebration

Museum Store Sale-September 16th through 24th

Rosie's Too Sale-September 16 through 23rd

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