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  Sweet Pair of Cuties
15” Mohair bear with glass eyes. Sweet, old dress & matching hat. Replaced pads & small repair on upper leg. Nose threads? Darling!
16” K*R 126 character toddler. Blue flirty eyes & original mohair wig. Jointed compo toddler body with original finish. Nicely redressed in old dress, plus extra old romper.




4" Adorable Bear

Yes/No mohair bear by Schuco. Lever on back to move the head up and down or side to side. Slight wear on shoulder, otherwise excellent.



#275 No Hibernating Here
12” Early mohair bear by Steiff. Non-working squeaker & old replaced pads but darling! c1915
3.5” Dark brown mohair Schuco bear fully jointed & wonderful!



#275 Grrrrrreat Bears!
10.5” Steiff Original Teddy Bear from the 1950s.
17” Old mohair Teddy Bear. Fully jointed with glass eyes & recovered pads. 1920s
17” Old bear with golden mohair & non-working crier. Glass eyes, open/closed mouth & nicely stuffed. Wear below left eye.
8” 1950 Steiff “Koala” fully jointed. Damaged left arm & leg- dog encounter? Needs TLC.






10” Early Cow
Wonderful, early “milking cow” by Ideal. Rubber cap on top & udder below. Early plastic horns. Cap has separated.


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